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Website Visits & The Benefits of Monitoring

Monitoring website traffic is critical. It will prepare you to write better-targeted ads, strengthen marketing initiatives and create a higher converting website.

You’ve seen and heard it mentioned many times: Using data from analytics to enable you to do more of what works, less of what doesn’t, and test out new ideas is what's needed to target the right audience. There are several different analytics software packages you can buy that are cloud-based, but why not use what’s easily available and what everyone else uses as their basis: Google Analytics (GA).

If you don’t have GA on your site right now, you need to install it today (google analytics). Sign up for a GA account via your Google email address or business account so that you can get a number.

If you have a WordPress website, you can easily accomplish this by using a plugin that fits your needs. You can find a list of them through the website. You may already have a theme that has a plugin. You can then simply provide your account number and connect the two and within 48 hours or so, you’ll start gathering data from your traffic.

Via GA you can:

  • Learn Page Views

  • Know Your Bounce Rate

  • View Your Traffic Source

  • Determine Your Conversion Rate

  • Understand Traffic Sources

  • Learn Demographic Information About Visitors

  • Know What People Search For

  • Know What People Click on Most

  • Find Out What Content Your Audience Likes Most

  • Understand Cart Abandonment

  • So Much More

Having analytics will let you find out what visitor's like or determine their dislikes. For example, you can discover what content your audience dislikes most so that you can either make changes or remove it. You can also find out what content your audience likes most, converts most, and shares most so that you can add similar content.

Google Analytics is a fully featured analytics software designed to help you perfect your website and each individual page so that you can attract your ideal customer. Google’s job is to please their customers by delivering search results that are close to what the customer is trying to find. Using Google’s Webmaster Tools, will give you the advantage of getting listed higher in search engine results.

It all equates to pleasing your customers. Google can not only teach you how to engage with you customers, but also help with properly setting up your website so when customers visit, they will respond to clear calls to action. Your responsibility is to market and promote in a way that will deliver to the right audience. Using Google Analytics will help improve attracting the targeted audience that is searching for your product or service.

If you are not sure how to set up Google Analytics, I will be happy to help. Schedule a FREE consultation to discuss how I can best assist you in the growth of your business!

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