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Meet Mary Lucas

My journey of owning a business started in 1996. I was the co-owner of an established Limousine Service. During that time, several limousine owners approached me and asked if I would consult them on building their business, which included creating their website.  It became evident that there is a great need for the expertise of an administrator in the small business arena. Being able to support in various areas of business prompted me to pursue a  Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and to start “Rescue Me Virtually.”

I have a passion for educating, and inspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their goal, and assist in carrying out their vision of running a successful, profitable business.  “Rescue Me Virtually” offers virtual assistant services that specialize in supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses who are overwhelmed with organizing, maintaining, and marketing their business. Having support will give the relief that’s needed to work on the more important things – establishing the business.

Many small business owners can’t afford to hire full time or part time staff to answer emails, update websites, help with marketing, maintain their social media or do research.  The benefits of obtaining a virtual assistant are you only pay for the time that’s needed.  

All of the amenities offered at “Rescue Me Virtually” were created to give entrepreneurs and small business owners the freedom needed to build their business. 


Let me know how "Rescue Me Virtually" can assist you with meeting your business goals!


Your Virtual Assistant,

Mary Lucas



Working with Mary Lucas and Rescue Me Virtually has been a complete joy. She was able to take what seemed like an insurmountable task and bring calm and ease. The time, patience, and expertise she has shown has been refreshing. I was completely overwhelmed at the thought of filling out the questionnaire to create the content for my website and Mary agreed to walk me through it step by step. The end result was a beautiful website that accurately reflects who I am and what my brand stands for. If that wasn't enough, throw in the fact that we are in completely different time zones, six hours apart, and Mary was willing to adjust her schedule to accommodate. That type of customer service is hard to find. I am so grateful I had to opportunity to experience the gift of Mary Lucas and Rescue Me Virtually. In fact, the business name speaks for itself, she really did "rescue me virtually". 

Kimmoly Rice-Ogletree

Christian Divorce Coach

I asked for your help because you were very knowledgeable in areas I needed assistance in and you were able to find the answer quickly. The areas I needed help in was business networking, administration, website and online presence.

You are a woman of integrity and you are very knowledgeable. You have great communication skills, networking over the phone and online. Something that stands out about you is thinking on both sides to come up with a plan or solution where everyone wins. Often times many of us may go to someone in need and not look at how the other person can benefit. Also, you have some really great ideas and you have a genuineness about helping people.



CEO/Director/Top Fashion Show Producer

Thee Danielle Baker

I was overwhelmed with trying to promote my daughter and I needed help.  Social media, websites and Eblast was not something that I did before in terms of marketing.  So I knew you had the knowledge so I enlisted your services. I always need help with making sure I’m marketing her correctly.  In terms of creating a website for her, I had never done that before, so I definitely needed the help of someone that had way more expertise in that field. I would definitely recommend your services.  You are very knowledgeable of coding certain things into a website or Eblast, your social media marketing knowledge is very broad and your time management is great in terms of assisting me in a timely manner.


Cherly Smith

Mother of Terise Asheley Smith

This Is Terise (Author, Dancer, Actor, Model, Philanthropist)

We asked for your help because of your knowledge and skills that we recognized in the previous years. We needed your help with creating a website as well as additional information on affiliations with limousine company's.

You are a good person to know and you will go the extra mile to help in any way you can with getting additional work.


Kevin Parker

Parker Limousine Service

Mary Lucas is an essential asset to Rapid Solutions day to day production as well as our long-term marketing goals. Mary brings a positive attitude as well as an efficiency that is unmatched. Her perfectionist mindset only increases the production of the others that she works around. She is very independent and comes up with creative, unique solutions to challenging problems that could delay production and ultimately affecting our bottom line. I would recommend her professionalism and skill set to any established business or one that is trying to make a footprint in their industry.

Jamarr Jones

Rapid Solutions

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Thee Danielle Baker
This Is Terise
Parker Limousine
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