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A Threefold Cord Broken




"REAL, RAW and RELATALBE.....I would highly recommend this book to any Christian woman who may be grieving the loss of her marriage, in the midst of, or considering divorce. I look forward to more stories like these; real stories of healing and hope."



- Tamlyn




A Threefold Cord Broken is an honest, heartfelt depiction

of the journey seven courageous Christian women experienced

during the challenge of divorce.


Each woman gives a glimpse into their marriage, what went wrong, how they navigated the process as a Christian, how they overcame, the lessons learned, and where they are now.

The stories shared will give insight, hope, courage and healing to others. It will enlighten those who think God has abandoned them or will somehow continually punish them for their choice to divorce. Encouraging, confirming, and reminding women that God may hate divorce, but he will never hate them.

A valuable resource for those who are engaged, married, separated, or divorced.



Co-Author Mary E. Murrill

Mary E. Lucas is a survivor, over-comer and a leader. In 1986 she was a gunshot victim that left her paralyzed, divorced in 2012 and survived breast cancer in 2015. Although faced with adversity she never let the trials of life hold her hostage. 

In 2012 her tenacity prompted her to seek a degree in Business Management, which she obtained in June 2016.  Her passion for liberating entrepreneurs and small business owners from the daily task of operating a business prompted her start her own company. She is now the founder of Rescue Me Virtually, a company that collaboratively works with entrepreneurs 

and small businesses. Her services assist with organizing, maintaining and marketing the business. Since its inception, Mary skills and wisdom has assisted an array of business owners with successfully building their brand.


God allows us to make choices that can alter the direction of our life.

I pray that my story will inspire, enlighten and motivate you as you journey through your relationship.


Thank you Kimmoly K. LaBoo, of  the Christian Divorce Coaching Center for encouraging me to share my story.


"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope".


Jeremiah 29:11



No one should have to face divorce alone. Having the support of others who have traveled the same road can help with the process.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions on comments.


We also have a private Facebook group "Pressing Through Divorce"

that offers support, encouragement, and resources. 

Thanks! Message sent.


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